New article on the topic of digital business models in construction and agriculture in the recently published book "Monetization of Technical Data"

  Funnel model and flows of the data Copyright: © MSE

Data is often referred to as the oil of the 21st century. Large amounts of data are constantly being generated in modern mobile machines. But how can this “resource" be used as profitably as possible ? This question is answered in the recently published book Monetarisierung von technischen Daten , which is already available online and will soon be available in print .

I n their article Daten von Land- und Baumaschinen gewinnbringend nutzen“ , our colleagues Benjamin Lehmann, Christian Habermehl, Christian Gentz, Stephan Neumann and Georg Jacobs wrote about how data from agricultural and construction machinery can be used for profit. In addition to an overview of current data-driven business models , the authors provide a guideline for developing new data-driven business models and illustrate it with selected case studies.

The picture shows a model created during the authors' research. The model illustrates the flow of data gathered from agricultural and construction machinery through the levels of monetization and to potential stakeholders.