Center for Systems Engineering (CSE)


The Center for Systems Engineering, CSE for short, is an interdisciplinary association of university institutes and industrial partners for the development and testing of processes, tools and models in the field of Model Based Systems Engineering, MBSE for short.

One key to a company's future innovative strength and competitiveness is its ability to control agile product development processes, PEP for short, for complex, increasingly digitally connected technical products. Digitalization and new manufacturing processes require new tools that enable an acceleration of the PEP. This requires a paradigm shift in today's PEP that can replace the predominant document-based system development using geometrically triggered processes with more powerful processes. The MBSE offers suitable conditions for this purpose. The implementation of function parameter-based system modelling creates a continuous development methodology that offers complete transparency of the process status and possible conflicts of objectives in the development process at any point in the development process.

The goal of CSE is to develop and holistically test the key technologies required for the product development process of tomorrow. Methods will be developed that enable agile and development by linking the individual development steps and the development tools used.

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