High Pressure Viscometer

  Structure of the high pressure viscometer as a sectional model with components Copyright: © MSE

The MSE high pressure viscometer permits determination of the dynamic viscosity of fluids up to a hydrostatic pressure of 8000 bar. The test bench is designed as a falling body viscometer. The test fluid is placed a pressure chamber and subjected to high pressure. A body falls through the test fluid and the falling time is measured. This dropping time can be used to derive the dynamic viscosity. In addition to the adjustable pressures of up to 8000 bar, the test temperature can be varied within the range of 25°C to 80°C. The measurements are limited by the properties of the test fluids. These may not be electrically conductive and must enable a dropping body to sink. The measuring range is therefore limited by the test fluid reaching solidification in addition to the maximum pressure.

  high pressure measuring points prior to reaching solidification Copyright: © MSE

The results of the measurements can be used to compare the high-pressure behavior of different lubricants. Lubricant-related equation parameters can also be derived from the measurements to describe the pressure- and temperature-dependent viscosity.