Dynamic Radial Bearing Test Bed


The dynamic radial bearing test bed shown below will be used to investigate cylindrical roller bearings, self-aligning bearings, and ball bearings with a bore diameter of up to 150 mm under transient and steady state operating conditions. The test bed will mainly be used to investigate roller bearings under transient conditions with regard to the formation of "white etching cracks", micro pitting, and renewed tempering. The test bearing will be attached to a shaft driven by an electric motor with up to a maximum of 2500 rpm. A radial load of up to 250kN with an excitation frequency of up to 100Hz can also be applied: See figure. An axial load unit can additionally be used to apply an axial load of up to 160kN on the outer ring, not shown in the figure. The force applied and the bearing kinematics are monitored online during the test run. An acceleration sensor and various temperature sensors also monitor the test run. Other support bearing and test bearing configurations can be quoted on request.