Simon Dreiseidler

M. Sc.
Chair and Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering


Building: 1310

Room: 310

Schinkelstr. 10

52062 Aachen



Phone: +49 241 80 98643


Simon Dreiseidler, M.Sc. did his Bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University from 2011 to 2015 with a specialization in "Automotive Engineering". 2016 he successfully completed the Master degree program "Automotive Engineering and Transport" specializing in "Rolling Stock Technology". His thesis involved simulation of the "wheel-rail contact" tribological system.

Mr. Dreiseidler has been active since the end of 2016 as a research associate at the MSE (formerly IME) within the Bearing Technology department in the roller bearings and freewheels group specializing in the topic of freewheels.

Mr. Dreiseidler is also active at the MSE in the area of teaching. In the "Tribology" course he oversees the topics "roller bearings and seals". In the "Machine Design II" course he oversees the topic "shaft–hub connections".