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Ahmed Saleh

M. Sc.

Chair and Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering


Building: 1310

Room: 305

Schinkelstr. 10




Ahmed Saleh M.Sc. did his bachelor studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Alexandria from 2005 to 2010. He then worked for two years as an application engineer for construction and mining equipment at Mantrac Egypt Limited. He completed his master's degree in "General Mechanical Engineering" at TU Berlin in 2017. His master thesis at eolotec GmbH in Nuremberg focused on the analysis and investigation of the influence of the main bearing alternative models on the accuracy and quickness results in the FEM for 3MW wind turbine.

From 2018 to 2021, Mr. Saleh was employed as a calculation engineer for industrial gears at David Brown Santasalo GmbH in Wuppertal.

Since September 2021, Mr. Saleh has been working as a research assistant at MSE in the Bearing Technology department.



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Saleh, Ahmed
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