Seyedmohammad Vafaei

Chair and Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering


Building: 1310

Room: 305

Schinkelstr. 10

52062 Aachen

Tel.: 0241 80-20613



Mr. M.Sc. Seyedmohammad Vafaei did his bachelor studies in mechanical engineering with the focus on „Fluid Mechanics“ in Iran and has been graduated from master studies in same field from Kassel University. His master thesis was titled „Simulation Of Non Newtonian Fluid Flow Over A Cylinder Using Isogeometric Analysis (IGA)“ in field of fluid mechanics.

Since January 2019, Mr. Vafaei is employed as research associate in the tribology group of MSE. He focusses on simulation and experimental investigations of lubricant flow behavior in dynamic loaded rolling bearings.



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Jopen, Max
Jacobs, Georg
König, Florian
Weberskirch, Ralf (Corresponding author)
[Contribution to a book, Journal Article]
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