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For an effective and efficient development of products, engineers have to evaluate the impact of requirement changes in customization developments, but especially in cross-company engineering change and configuration management (ECM). Implications for development efforts, the degree of fulfillment of requirements, functional costs with follow-up costs in the system life cycle (e.g., production, validation, and maintenance), and product variants must be anticipated on a model basis. This is currently done without sufficient ICT support.

Research objectives

The ImPaKT technology alliance is developing existing ICT basic technologies convergently to enable engineering change management, linking isolated solutions and creating standards for handling changes in order to develop products faster and more cost-effectively. To this end, three development goals are being pursued through the close and cross-disciplinary collaboration of application companies and IT partners:

1.Design the ImPaKT reference architecture with parameter space for ECM.

2.harness the power of system modeling for impact analysis

3.develop standards for integration into process management and cross-enterprise collaboration

Research and project partners

-CIT (CLAAS Industrial Technology)

-Contact Software

-Eisengießerei Baumgarte



-Heinz Nixdorf Institute - University of Paderborn

-Itemis AG




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