Andreas Stratmann

Head of Tribology, Group Lead Tribofilms and Functional Surfaces


+49 241 80 95664



The optimum interaction of lubricant and machine component in the so-called tribological contact is essential to the long service life of machinery and equipment, and to their energy-efficient and sustainable operation. The Tribology department researches these interactions between a lubricant and the surfaces of machine components that are subjected to load. Our focus is fundamental research on the acting mechanisms, such as friction and wear, and description of the lubricant or component behavior under tribological load.

The close link of experimental and simulative methods enables an understanding of the issue and development of appropriate solutions. These can be validated using the Institute's wide range of facilities. Application of the knowledge gained in this area also enables optimization of tribological contacts in terms of efficiency and service life.
In close collaboration with the other departments at the Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering, findings on the behavior of tribological contacts are subsequently transferred to component or machine level


  • Friction and wear mechanisms in highly loaded tribological contacts
  • Tribological boundary layers in highly loaded contacts by means of interaction between lubricant or lubricant additives and the surface of machine elements
  • Prediction of lubricant behavior and the lubricant film formation under high pressures
  • Use-related changes and aging in lubricants
  • Development of lubricant models for tribological simulations
  • Modeling of tribological contacts for prediction of their behavior with regard to friction and wear

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