Multi-Material Systeme/ECO-Design


Schmidt, Jonathan


Jonathan Sprehe

Head of Multi-Material Systeme/ECO-Design


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Efficient product development for weight-optimized, sustainable products

The efficient development of components requires the definition of a methodical approach, which delivers results under the consideration of input and output as well as the performance to cost ratio in the time available matching the given requirements. The definition of such an approach regularly confronts engineers to make decisions in the area of conflict between cost, the degree of lightweight construction, and ecological sustainability. To address this challenge, particularly with regard to the choice of materials, we in the Multi-material Systems and Eco-design research department create a product-specific development process for your specific application and accordingly provide tangible solutions to develop your product. We therefore tailor the interplay of various tools like topology optimization, LCA, FEA, et cetera and guidelines as material, installation, cost appropriateness, et cetera, in order to develop efficiently designed components.


  • Development of individual product development processes in the area of conflict between sustainability, lightweight design and cost
  • Optimization of products by means of objectively assessable material selection
  • Development of lightweight solutions with a focus on fiber-reinforced plastics, FRP
  • Life cycle analysis of products and selection of appropriate eco-design tools in the development process

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