Machine Design III

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In Machine Design III students learn about the fundamentals of machine elements: rolling bearings, plain bearings, gear stages and gearboxes, and how to analyze the functions and operating principles in context of the full machine system. They study functions as well as operating principles of machine elements alongside their design characteristics and representations in technical drawings. Furthermore, machine elements’ design relevant stresses and load capacities are studied while students learn about the necessary tools and technical standards regarding design. By the end of the course, students are able to analyze systems independently and design machines as well as choose suitable machine elements and design them reliably.


As of winter semester 2018/19 the course Machine Design II/III has been divided into the following two courses: Machine Design II, which is taught during the winter semester, and Machine Design III, held in the summer semester. Both courses have their own written exams. MD II is taught by the Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics (IGMR) while the Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering (MSE) is responsible for MD III. Please contact the corresponding institute for any questions on the courses.

The following options are offered for academic advising, in addition to lecture and exercises:

  • Tutor groups which always take place one week after the corresponding exercise; there you may enhance your knowledge of the material taught. During these sessions, the teaching content can be applied to examples under intensive guidance of tutors. There are always 5-6 alternating appointments, from which you can freely choose which one to attend.
  • During the entire semester, a consultation hour is offered once per week.
  • Three weeks before the exam, an exam training session offers the possibility to once more intensely review all topics while a task based on the exercise, at exam level, is calculated.
  • You can earn up to 12 examination points over the summer semester by fulfilling three bonus-point tasks.
    Each task is based on the current lecture content.

The textbooks for lecture and exercise are sold via Verlag-Mainz . Further materials including presentations from lectures and exercises are provided at the corresponding RWTHmoodle space of the course. There you can also find the schedule of the course with all its classes, topics and current exercises. All important information, e.g. exam announcement, auditorium distribution and information regarding exam review, is published there.

During the winter semester, an RWTHmoodle study room will be providing all lecture material from the past summer semester. For access, please register for Maschienengestaltung III (Klausurpraktikum) at RWTHonline during the winter semeser.

Lecture Topics

  • Rolling bearings
  • Plain bearings
  • Gear geometry
  • Gear fatigue
  • Drive train technology