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The objective of the "Tribology" course is to provide students with the ability to understand and analyze friction and wear processes in lubricated contacts in machine elements, so-called "tribological systems". The course therefore imparts the fundamental characteristics of friction partners and processes within tribological contacts, as well as options for the analysis and calculation of tribological phenomena. These are transferred and applied on various machine elements in the second half of the lecture series.


The following opportunities are offered in addition to the academic supervision of lectures and practical exercises:

  • The course is offered in German and in English, whereby the contents of the lecture series and the written exam are the same in each case.
  • Exam consultation period
  • Practical exercise

The lecture and practical exercise documents will be provided in the LP study portal. Lecture reprints to accompany the lectures and practical exercise can be purchased as a reference book. It will be offered for sale in each case in the first lecture week. The reprint can moreover be acquired at Verlag Mainz.
Current dates and further information can be found in the RWTH Aachen University Campus System and in LP.
The written exam lasts for 120 minutes.

Lecture topics

  • Fundamentals of tribology
  • Interactions between main body and counter body
  • Properties of main body and counter body
  • Properties of the transitional medium
  • Fundamentals of hydrodynamics and elasto-hydrodynamics
  • The tribological system in plain bearings
  • The tribological system in gears
  • The tribological system in roller bearings
  • The tribological system in seals

The Tribology course is supported by tuition fees. Information relating to the use of tuition fees at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering can be found on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering website.