Industrial Design


Dr.-Ing Alexander Brezing


Dr.-Ing Alexander Brezing

Lecturer for Industrial Design




This course gives engineering students an overview of the theory and practice of "Industrial Design" with a focus on product design. Its substantive breadth and depth is designed to enable participants to engage in effective design engineering collaborations and in the practical application of individual methods of industrial design, and moreover to encourage them toward in-depth private study.

The conclusion and climax of the course is a project, which the participants from RWTH Aachen University will pursue jointly in small teams with students from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. The project task will be set by Designbüro noa in Aachen.
Topic overview

Please note for the winter semester 2017/18:

Dr. Alexander Brezing is currently engaged as a DAAD Lecturer and RWTH Representative at the Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) in Bangkok and will therefore only present online (interactive) lectures. The project phase with Hongik University will take place as usual.
Online lecture


The course is tailored primarily for students in the "Development and Construction" Master and therefore included in the catalog of elective subjects. It will be useful for students who are interested in the development and design of people-related technical systems. Prerequisite: Participation in the course "Konstruktionslehre I" by Professor G. Jacobs. An application is not necessary.

The course has been included in the essential selection catalogs for the diploma courses; in detail:

Catalog for technical elective subject 2 with a specialization in "Construction and Development" for the Machine Construction diploma program
Catalog for technical elective subject 3 for all specializations in the Machine Construction diploma program
Catalogs for the engineering sciences profiling subjects 1 and 2 of the Industrial Engineering diploma program, Machine Construction discipline, with a specialization in Design Technology

Lecture topics

  • Introduction, definitions, activity profiles, training opportunities
  • Guidelines, standards
  • History of the development toward a modern understanding of design
  • Design theory and its scientific background
  • The industrial design process
  • Methodological approaches, for instance market segmentation, the use of mood boards,...
  • Creativity techniques, development of ideas
  • Development and communication of concepts
  • Sketching as a tool for development and presentation of ideas and designs with several practical exercises
  • Introduction to the theory and practice of free-form surface modeling