Engineering Design II


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  Key topics in the course Design Theory II Copyright: MSE


This Engineering Design course imparts the basis of design technology and thus forms the framework for the product development process. Constantly changing challenges within the development and construction process alter the approach in industrial practice. These innovations flow into the series of lectures in the form of additive manufacturing as state of the art, for example. The practical view of development and construction is also considered alongside the imparting of theoretical knowledge. The second part deals intensively with the activities and tools of today's engineering practice.


Knowledge of the contents of the "Engineering Design I-III" or "Technical Drawing" and "Machine Elements I-II" courses is a prerequisite for understanding this course. The contents of this course will be consolidated in the practical exercises for design theory.

There are no further lecture notes in addition to the lecture and practical exercise documents.
Current dates and further information can be found in the RWTH Aachen University Campus System and in RWTHmoodle.
For students of the Bachelor and Master degree programs, the Engineering Design II exam lasts 150 minutes.

Lecture topics

The "Engineering Design II" course will cover the following main topics:

  • Organization of a development / design department
  • Task and project planning
  • Product structure / architecture
  • Innovation processes
  • Ergonomics, industrial design
  • Rationalization of the design process
  • Series, building blocks, modules, features
  • Process and data management
  • Engineering tools
  • Construction cost management
  • Quality assurance measures in development and construction
  • Patents and standards

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