Processes and Principles for Lightweight Design



"Processes and Principles for Lightweight Design" is a joint course of MSE and SLA, short for Department for Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Structures. It aims at teaching students of the "Master of Automotive Engineering" program the systematic engineering fundamentals to methodologically solve structural problems. The MSE content focuses on the design methodology and the systematic development of solution principles as well as the qualitative embodiment design. Qualitative layout is taught in the second part of PPLD by SLA.

Lecture topics

  • Design Methodology
  • Requirements
  • Conceptualization
  • Evaluation of Solutions
  • Embodiment Design


Pahl, G.; Beitz, W.; Feldhusen, J. Grote. K.-H.: Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach. 3rd Ed. Berlin: Springer 2007