Student Advisory Service, Design Technology & Product Development

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Please note that the iMSE follows the recommendations shared by RWTH Aachen University in order to support the attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus by offering existing services – such as the Student Advisory Service – solely by phone and online. Student advisor Kathrin Spütz is available during the usual office hours and will attend to your questions by phone – and of course by mail, too.
As usual, please submit documentation sheets and applications by posting them in the iMSE mailbox. As the Student Advisory Service has been moved to room 214 at the “Sammelbau Maschinenwesen”, Eilfschornsteinstraße 18 (52062 Aachen), the mailbox can be found in the building’s foyer (cf. illustration).

Thank you for your understanding.



+49 241 80 27344




When and where does the Student Advisory Service provide consultation hours?

Mondays, 2 to 4pm
Room 214
Eilfschornsteinstraße 18

Presentations on internships

  • Make your appointment:
    Ms. Angelika Seves
    Tel.: +49 241 80 27341
  • Location:
    Center for Wind Power Drives der RWTH Aachen (CWD)
    Campus Boulevard 61, 52074 Aachen
    Seminarraum 001
  • Preparing your talk
    a) Duration: max. 10 minutes
    b) Presentation.
            - PowerPoint in.ppt/.pptx format of 8 to 10 slides
            - Focus on own activities; keeping company's description short in order to put more emphasis on your internship
    c) Clear structure
        1. Problem
        2. Solution approach
        3. Execution
        4. Assessment
  • Sessions conducted by Dr. Oliver Weber 
  • Please provide your internship certificate at the talk

Curriculum changes

I'm planning a period of study abroad: where can I find the appropriate information?

A curriculum change must be submitted prior to taking the non-domestic exam in the event of subject changes due to a period of study abroad. A detailed and credible overview of the subject contents and a justification for the choice of subjects should therefore be presented. Contact the faculty's study abroad advice team regarding this.

Notes: The faculty's Departmental Student Advisory Service can assist with questions not involving the content, but for instance the number of hours for the exam.
When registering for the exam, the approved application must be presented to the central examination office, ZPA for short in German.


How to register your thesis for "Design Technology" and "Development & Construction"

  1. Have the Central Examination Office complete the admission form for your thesis.
  2. Issuing of topic
    - Register your thesis’ topic and schedule (in consultation with the respective supervisor).
    - Obtain all necessary signatures (supervising assistant, external supervisor if necessary and supervising professor).
  3. Submit the Documentation Sheet to the MSE student advisory service for the final thesis’ approval by the occupational field mentor,
    either by using the iMSE mailbox provided in the foyer of "Sammelbau Maschinenwesen" , Eilfschornsteinstr. 18, 52062 Aachen (builiding no. 1220) or by handing it in personally during the student advisory service’s consultation hours.
  4.  You will receive an email notification by MSE as soon as the Documentation Sheet has been signed.
  5. T he Documentation Sheet is forwarded by MSE to the ZPA (or examination board for external work).
    Alternatively: Collect the Documentation Sheet personally during the student advisory service’s consultation hour (please inform MSE when handing in the form).

Average processing time: one week

What guidelines are there for the supervision of external projects?

Where can I find further contact points and sources of information on my studies?

Departmental Student Advisory Service for Machine Construction at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering deals with all basic academic affairs.
The Machine Construction Student Representative Council is a student lobby group where you will find information material on the individual specializations.

The ZPA is responsible for exam management.

The module description in the exam rules lists the "Machine Design II/III" course as a prerequisite for the "Design Theory I" course. I have not met this prerequisite, can I nevertheless attend Design Theory I?

Yes. The "Machine Design II/III" course is not a formal prerequisite to attend the "Design Theory I" course nor to be able to write the exam. The IKT does however recommend the described sequence, FIRST Machine design II/III THEN Design Theory I, since the content of the courses build upon each other.


I would like to choose a subject from the elective section of the Bachelor degree that has more credit points than required. Can I use the extra credit points to replace another subject, or have the credits taken into account for my Master?

No. The extra credit points will be forfeited without substitution.

I completed a Bachelor degree at another university and would now like to study the "Product Development" Master degree program...

... The module description in the academic regulations suggests that some compulsory courses for the Master degree program build on the knowledge from subjects in the Bachelor degree program vocational field Design Technology. These subjects are not however a constituent part of the elective section for the Master degree program. Can I choose to use these subjects as elective subjects?

Yes. The elective section in the Master degree program can in principle be augmented with other subjects by means of a curriculum change. Although should subjects be chosen that contain more credit points than for the selective section, these will be forfeited without substitution.


The "Machine Design I" course allows me to collect so-called bonus points for the final exam. Do the bonus points I acquire apply beyond the current semester?

No. The bonus points for the "Machine Design I" course can only be used for the corresponding exam in that semester in which they were acquired. After that they are forfeited without substitution.

I have failed the exam for the "Machine Design I" course for the second time. I was unable to participate in the supplementary oral exam due to illness. Can I apply for a new date in the next assessment phase?

No. The supplementary oral exam after the first repeat attempt of the written exam is a gesture of goodwill on the part of the MSE and is not an official provision within the exam rules. The Central Examination Office has therefore decided that this exam can only be taken directly in the context of a written repeat. The only supplemental test that is binding under the exam rules is the supplementary oral examination after the second written retry. As of October 17, 2013

I have already taken a written exam in the Design Technology area. Although now I would like to switch to another vocational field. Is such a change possible? Can the elective subjects I passed be taken into account in the new vocational field?

Changing vocational fields must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis between the student and the Central Examination Office.


I am studying industrial engineering specializing in Machine Construction and would like to apply for a curriculum change. Do I have to submit my application to the MSE Student Advice Team?

The MSE Student Advice Team is responsible for the substantive review of curriculum change applications for the Industrial Engineering "Design Technology" Bachelor degree program and for the Industrial Engineering "Construction Technology" Master degree program. Curriculum change applications for other specializations should be submitted to the respective academic advisor. As of October 29, 2013.