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Lecture reprints, dissertations, conference proceedings, and brochures for our Institute. The majority can also be purchased or borrowed from the library.
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Overview of Tribology

The Tribology department explores the basic wear and friction phenomena in machine elements. This involves simulative modeling of the tribological contact under consideration of the lubricant's behavior and experimental validation of such behavior.

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Bearing Technology

Overview of Bearing Technology

The tribological behavior of machine elements and its influence on component life in terms of wear and fatigue is the focus of the Bearing Technology department. The objective of our practice-based research is transferable findings with a direct benefit for application.

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Systems Engineering - Modelling and Simulation

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At the MSE, the department Systems Engineering - Modelling and Simulation develops methodologies and methods for creating and using simulation models within the product life cycle. The developed methodologies are intended to support model-based development and to resolve issues in terms of function, durability and convenience at an early stage in the product life cycle.

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Systems Engineering - Design Methodology

Overview of design methodology

Design Methodology provides a systematic structure for the creative phase of product development. It supports innovative solution discovery and subsequent implementation with specific methods and tools and leads to strong technical and economic results.

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The PLM & VPE department researches tools, methods and processes for the derivation of knowledge-based business strategies and for implementation of a consistent model-based development process within industrial practice. We also develop new methods with the objective of making operational use of corporate knowledge, thus establishing a sound basis for decisions at a strategic and procedural level.

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Multi-Material Systeme/ECO-Design

Overview of Multi-material Systems / Eco-design

The Multi-material Systems / Eco-design research group stands for ecological products that are designed to be economically and functionally sustainable. We instigate individual product creation processes in the area of conflict between sustainability, lightweight construction, and costs. We also optimize products and systems by means of objectively assessable material selection.

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Green wheel loader on a 1MW clamping test bed

The Off-Highway drive technology department deals with the analysis and optimization of energy efficiency, driving dynamics, and reliability of drive trains used in mobile machinery. The department therefore relies on the tools of drive technology, tribology and design methodology and uses them in an application-oriented manner.

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Wind Energy, CWD

The CWD manages and organizes interdisciplinary research activities at RWTH Aachen University in the field of wind turbine drive systems. In addition to basic scientific investigations, these research activities include pre-competitive research and development projects.

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