Portrait of the Institute

MSE building

The Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering researches the fundamental structural and tribological behavior of machine elements and depicts them in experimentally validated model descriptions.

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Head of Institute

Professor Jaobs

The Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering is managed by Professor Jacobs. Contact details and other information about the leading members of staff at the MSE can be found here.

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MSE Employee

Our team is happy to assist you. Contact information and contacts can be found under "Team".

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Industrial Cooperations


Intensive contacts to industry and interdisciplinary cooperation with other research centers cater for a wide-ranging exchange of experience and lead to pioneering product improvements and new developments.
Photo: RWTH

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ATK title image

The Drive Technology Colloquium, ATK for short and the Conference for Wind Power Drives, CWD for short, are held every two years. These conferences present the latest developments in research and technology in the field of drive technology at ATK and in the area of drivetrains pitch and yaw systems in wind turbines at CWD.

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Outside view of the MSE test center

The MSE has test facilities at various locations which can be used to comprehensively record individually achieved calculation results.

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RWTH main building

The MSE is always seeking motivated and dedicated members of staff who want to shape not only the education of students at an elite university, but also cutting-edge research in an international environment.
Photo: RWTH

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