Wear Test Bed for Radial Bearings Bearing Diameter D = 120 mm

  wear test bed for radial bearings Copyright: © MSE

The wear test bed for radial bearings shown in the image can be used both to investigate the wear behavior of sliding layer materials and to assess the lubricating suitability of different lubricants, inter alia with otherwise consistent boundary conditions. The test bed can also be used for mixed or pure liquid friction. A servo-hydraulic linear cylinder applies the radial load to the test bearing, whereby a static or dynamic bearing load with a maximum force of 250 kN is possible. The bearing diameter of the test specimen can be 120 mm, the width–diameter ratio can be selected between 0.25 and 0.5. Measurement values recorded during the trial are friction torque, bearing temperature, oil temperature, and bearing load. Further metrology can also be applied.