Wear Test Bed for 25–30mm Radial Bearings

  wear test bed for 30 mm radial bearings Copyright: © MSE

The wear test bed for radial bearings shown in the image can be used both to investigate the wear behavior of sliding layer materials and to evaluate the behavior of different lubricants. Different operating modes can be configured for the speed of the servo motor under static radial load: in addition to steady-state operation in mixed and pure fluid friction mode, quasi-stationary Stribeck curves can be generated by means of stepped speed progression. It is also possible to implement start–stop cycles using specified increases in rotation speed times. The maximum permissible bearing load is 20 kN. The dimension of the test specimen can be selected for bearing diameters between 25 mm and 30 mm with a width–diameter ratio of 0.5 to 1. The steady-state shaft speed can be varied between 60 and 3000 rpm.

This results in maximum specific compressions of 30 MPa and sliding speeds of 4.9 m/s.

The test bed has circulating oil lubrication. The feed temperature of the oil can be varied between room temperature and 90°C. Measurement values recorded during the trial are shaft speed, friction torque, bearing temperature, oil temperature, and bearing load. Further metrology can also be applied.