Bearing Segment Test Bed

  bearing segment test bed Copyright: © MSE  

The dynamic thrust bearing test bed shown is suitable for investigating the fatigue behavior of bearings in an axial bearing arrangement. A series of investigations results in Wöhler component diagrams. This test bed concept involves the bearing coating being applied onto a marker disc rotating with the shaft. When considering a fixed point on the sliding layer, this point is subjected to a dynamic load each time one of the fixed axial segments is scored, which equates to a load change. The occurrence of fatigue damage is detected by means of temperature monitoring in an axial segment.

The mean contact area on the marker disc is D = 120 mm. The shaft is driven by an electric motor. The maximum rotation speed is 2500 rpm, which equates to a sliding speed of 15.7 m/s. Loads up to 100 kN are possible due to a static hydraulic cylinder.