Electric clamping test bed

Electric clamping test bed; 250 kW Copyright: © MSE

This test bed enables operation of two asynchronous machines independently of each other at 10,000 rpm with speed or torque control. The maximum load torque is 488 Nm. Control of the motors via load spectra permits the practical testing of drive components like transmissions, hydrodynamic converters, couplings or drive shafts. The drive machine can additionally overlay a dynamic excitation onto the steady-state torque.


Small transmission clamping test bed

small transmission clamping test bed Copyright: © MSE

A second electric clamping test bed for small transmissions, with 1 Nm, up to 9,000 rpm, has been installed for efficiency factor analysis and practical testing. The test transmissions are placed in a climatic chamber with humidity conditioning and a temperature between -40°C and +120°C can be selected.



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