Freewheel Test Bed

  Freewheel test bed Copyright: © MSE



Benjamin Lehmann

Head of Bearing Technology


+49 241 80 92892



The freewheel characteristics test bed is used to investigate the operating behavior and fatigue of freewheels in switching operation. The test pieces used can be clamping roller freewheeling hubs – internal and external star freewheels – as well as sprag type freewheels with in each case a maximum external diameter of 135 mm. Assessment of the operating behavior is performed based on the recorded torsion spring characteristic curve, which represents the correlation between torque and torsion angle of the rotating running surface in the switching direction. The load torque of up to 1 kNm can be applied both via the outer ring and via the inner ring using a synchronous servo motor with a maximum torsion angle speed of ω = 1700°/s. The load torque and rotation of the freewheel are monitored online during the trials. Test runs are also monitored by an acceleration sensor and various temperature sensors. Other configurations can be quoted on request.