Precision Measurement Technology


MSE has an air-conditioned precision measurement room. This is equipped with modern, high-precision measuring instruments that permit verification of surface roughness as well as manufacturing- and wear-related deviations in component shape in the µm range.

T8000 roughness and contour measurement Copyright: © MSE

T8000 roughness and contour measurement

The Hommel T8000 measurement system is suitable for demanding contour measurements on different parts. Evaluations of distances, radii, angles or target / actual profile comparisons are possible. The scan length is a maximum of 200 mm and can be tilted within an angular range of ± 45°. The vertical measurement range is ± 30 mm at a resolution of 0.1 µm.

MAHR Perthometer S8P Copyright: © MSE

Mahr MMQ100 roundness measurement

The high-precision Mahr MMQ 100 Plus measurement system is used for roundness measurement. The measuring data obtained can be processed directly on a PC. The MMQ 100 measures the roundness, surface flatness, and other shape tolerances of workpieces up to a size of 375 mm x 470 mm and a maximum weight of 15 kg. The maximum measurement range is ± 1000 µm.

MAHR Perthometer S8P Copyright: © MSE

The surface measurement station is equipped with the MAHR Perthometer S8P

This consists of a feed unit which moves different profile and roughness measurement probes at a constant speed over the object to be measured. The central computing unit then processes the measurement signal and provides a graphical representation of the scanned surface and the output of different characteristic surface values and roughness parameters, such as profile depth Pt, corrugation depth Wt, median roughness values Ra and Rq, roughness depth Rz and RMAX, etc... The scan length as per standard is a maximum of 60 mm at a measurement range of 0.1 µm to 250 µm.




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