Center for Systems Engineering (CSE)

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Tomorrow’s Agile and Model-Based Product Development Process

Digitalization and increasing performance of computer-based development tools (CAx) indicate significant changes regarding the traditional Product Development Process (PDP) while the Internet of Things (IoT) and applications of Industry 4.0 have already caused a flood of data which seems impossible to organize and utilize if not closely linked to well-structured digital product models.

The MSE research department of Systems Engineering (SE) pursues the vision of shaping the change from document-based and geometry-oriented product development towards digital, physical model-based processes.
This includes ensuring a controllable development of increasingly complex Smart Products and Smart Services across all disciplines while decreasing conventional development time by 60% and reducing development costs down to 30%.

Together with the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) and the Chair of Software Engineering (SE) at RWTH Aachen University alongside companies from the automotive, wind and software industry as well as suppliers, the MSE researches Model-Based System Engineering.


  Professor explaining topic © MSE Professor Georg Jacobs (MSE; Scientific Director CSE) elaborates on the Center’s motivation.

Systems Engineering supports decisions within agile development processes and makes individually coordinated operating strategies of digitalized products possible.


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