Systems Engineering - Modelling and Simulation


Validation and analysis of function, lifetime , efficiency, comfort and acoustics of drive systems

The functional safety and optimal achievement of requirements put on machines and their components with regard to function, service life, efficiency, comfort and acoustics is a daily challenge in product development. Model-based development increasingly enables virtual function validation and optimization already in early phases of product development. On the basis of physical behavior models and data-driven models, the fulfillment of requirements can be tested virtually early in the development phase. The Systems Engineering - Modelling and Simulation division of the MSE develops models and methods for the creation and use of physical behavioral models within the entire product life cycle The developed models are structured on the basis of the methods of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for efficient (re-)use in further developments or change processes in model libraries and embedded in MBSE processes with the aim of quickly developing optimized products. To this end, the methods of MBSE are being further developed in the research groups "Systems Modelling" and "Model Structures & System Optimization". The research group Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) deals with the research field of machine dynamics and acoustics. The aim of the group is the continuous further development of simulation methods for forecasting the NVH properties of individual machine elements as well as of entire drive systems within product development. Hybrid modeling approaches, i.e. the combination of simulation and measurement, are often used here. The developed methods are extensively validated on existing test infrastructure.

Research Topics:

  • (Virtual) Functional validation of components and systems
  • Model structures and libraries for the integration of physical predictive models of machine behavior into the methods of Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Requirements-optimized designs through multi-domain design analyses and optimization
  • Analysis and avoidance of harmful vibrations
  • Analysis and optimization of noise, vibration, harshness (NVH)
  • Analysis and optimization of Off-Highway

Selected ongoing research projects

Selected completed research projects