Bearing Technology


Wear and Fatigue in Machine Elements

The tribological behavior of machine elements and its influence on component life in terms of wear and fatigue is the focus of the Bearing Technology department. The objective of our practice-based research is transferable findings with a direct benefit for application. This claim requires an overarching combination of detailed considerations on theoretical, validation studies on model and transferability assessments at the component level. Our research activities result in better design accuracy through improved service life forecasts, increased efficiency due to determination of optimal contact conditions and prevention of damage by identifying critical operating conditions and clarifying the causes of damage.


  • Analysis of Tribological Systems
  • Functional Testing of Machine Elements
  • Service Life Investigations With Respect to Wear and Fatigue
  • Test Methods for Damage Mechanisms in Bearings
  • Damage Appraisal


Ongoing research projects:

Completed research projects: