Metrology Laboratory

  test set-up with inductive cross tie encoders © MSE  


The undergraduate program of the B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering includes a series of practice-oriented laboratory experiments in the "Messtechnisches Labor" (MTL) module, which is offered in part by MSE. This module allows students to conduct practical experiments in a hands-on way. At MSE, the focus is on teaching the theoretical foundations and practical implementation in two essential areas: path and angle measurement, as well as force and moment measurement. Through direct application and testing of the theoretical concepts, students can develop a deeper understanding of measurement technology aspects in mechanical engineering and improve their technical skills.


Please take note of the following organizational guidelines:

Alternative dates or rescheduling are generally not planned. If you cannot attend a session due to an important reason, you may have the opportunity to participate in subsequent experiments. In this case, please contact the supervising assistant. This must be clarified with the supervising assistant at the beginning of the experiment. For organizational reasons, no reservations for specific alternative dates will be made.