Machine Design I

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The objective of the "Machine Design I" course is to give students the ability to understand the functional principles of technical systems, to design basic technical systems, and to be able to communicate this knowledge via standardized representation in a drawing. This will involve attaining a fundamental knowledge of common machine elements and conventional machining processes as well as their design and dimensioning.


The following opportunities are offered in addition to the academic supervision of lectures and practical exercises:

  • We provide an initial open consultation period. The location and dates can be found in the Moodle study portal for the current semester.
  • We also offer an online consultation in which up to 40 guests can participate to ask questions. Creating a user account is not necessary; you can log in as "Guest". Whilst the meeting is open, access is available.
  • The most intensive supervision we can offer is participation in a tutor-group. This requires registration via Campus. Those who are repeating exams will be awarded a place in preference, due to the given limitation on places.

  • Three bonus point tasks can be completed over the winter semester. These can be used to obtain up to 10 percent of the exam points. The first two bonus point tasks are realized in the form of an e-test. The third bonus point task is a design and drafting task.

  • You can also send us an if you have any questions.

Reference works used during the lectures and practical exercises are the "Hoischen" or "Technisches Zeichnen (Technical Drafting)", Cornelsen, in each case in the latest edition. There are no further lecture notes in addition to the lecture and practical exercise documents.
There is a reprint for the practical exercises that can be obtained from the Templergraben 33 branch of Copy 2000 and can also be downloaded as a PDF from the L²P study portal. This reprint is required to complete the tasks during the practical exercises and you therefore have to bring it along.
Current dates and further information can be found in the RWTH Aachen University Campus System in RWTHmoodle.
The exam lasts for 60 minutes.


Lecture topics

- Analysis of machine systems:

  • Functional analysis, functional structure
  • Effect analysis, investigation and application of the force flux

- Functions of standard machine elements

- Fundamentals of technical documentation:

  • Elements of technical drafting
  • Dimensioning
  • Sectional views

- Portrayal of standard machine elements

- Tolerances (fit and surfaces)

- General arrangement drawings


Vertiefende Lehrvideos

Lehrvideo 00-1 – Funktionsanalyse
Lehrvideo 00-2 – Das System WEA
Lehrvideo 01 – Kraftfluss
Lehrvideo 02 – Welle-Nabe-Verbindung
Lehrvideo 03 – Lageranordnung
Lehrvideo 04 – Getriebe
Lehrvideo 05 – Technische Dokumentation
Lehrvideo 06 – Schnittdarstellung
Lehrvideo 07 – Bemaßungstypen
Lehrvideo 08 – Oberflächen und Rauheit
Lehrvideo 09 – Kraftschlüssige Welle-Naben-Verbindung
Lehrvideo 10 – Getriebedarstellung und Zahnkräfte
Lehrvideo 11 – Lagerungsauslegung

Weiterführende Literatur

Pahl, G.; Beitz, W.; Feldhusen, J.; Grote, K. H.: Konstruktionslehre, Grundlagen erfolgreicher Produktentwicklung, Methoden und Anwendung. 8.Auflage. Springer-Verlag 2013, ausgesuchte Kapitel.