Dynamics and Energy Efficiency in Heavy-duty Drive Technology

  Dynamics and Energy Efficiency in Heavy-duty Drive Technology © MSE  


The "Dynamics and Energy Efficiency in Heavy-duty Drive Technology" course provides an overview of the characteristics and special features of heavy-duty drives for off-highway applications. This includes a detailed presentation of the most important drivetrain components and drive concepts. Methods required for the analysis, synthesis, and design of drivetrains are also imparted. There is a special focus on efficiency and torsional vibration analysis, which are considered both theoretically and in practice as part of practical exercises.

The course is aimed at the following Mechanical Engineering Master degree programs:

  • Product Development
  • Development and Design
  • Automotive Engineering and Transport
  • Energy Engineering
  • General Mechanical Engineering (technical-scientific module)
  • Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

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The option to register, current dates, and further information can be found in  the Campus-Office and in RWTHmoodle of RWTH Aachen University.

Examination takes the form of an oral exam at the end of the semester. The date is to be jointly agreed during the semester.

Please contact the responsible member of staff by if you have any unanswered questions.

Lecture Topics

  • Drivetrain components
  • Synthesis and design of drivetrains
  • Drivetrain efficiency – calculation and improvement
  • Component design and reliability calculation
  • Options for hybridizing mobile work machines
  • Testing options and test procedures in heavy-duty drive technology