Wind Energy



The lecture series “Wind Energy“ covers the essentials in aerodynamics, drivetrain technology and energy economics relevant in wind energy. The most important models and technologies as well as challenges in the development and efficient operation of wind power plants are presented.

The course is divided in two parts:

The first part gives an overview over historic and recent rotor concepts. The aerodynamic models for analyzing the flow around the rotor are explained and applied. Additionally the physic of the energy medium wind will be thaught. This part of the lecture is held by the Institute of Aerodynamics (AIA).

The second part of the lecture is delivered by the Chair for Wind Power Drives (CWD) and includes the analysis of the drivetrain and the complete technical system. Besides the presentation of guidelines and recommendations for key component design, also the system simulation in different operation modes is part of this lecture. To sum up the lecture series methods for the evaluation of energy delivery and profitability are discussed .

After attending this course, students have a fundamental understanding of the components as well as the whole system “Wind power plant”. They are capable of analyzing and evaluating different concepts as well as placing contemporary research into context.

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Stefan Witter © CWD

Stefan Witter

Contact person for the CWD event section (Lecture and exercise 7-11)


Wilhelm Schünemann © CWD

Wilhelm Schünemann

Contact person for the CWD event section (Lecture and exercise 1, 12-15)