70 mm radial bearing test bed

  70 mm radial bearing test bed Copyright: © MSE  

The dynamic radial bearing test bed shown is suitable for investigating the fatigue behavior of radial bearings and their sliding layers. A series of investigations results in Wöhler component diagrams. The test bearing is mounted into a holder and loaded by two hydraulic cylinders arranged at 45° to the horizontal. This enables both investigations using a constant force direction, hydraulic cylinders operating in phase, and a circumferential load on the bearing, hydraulic cylinders operating with a phase shift). The shaft is driven by an electric motor and can rotate at up to 3000 rpm. Maximum resulting loads of 70.5 kN are possible in the current configuration with D = 70 mm. The maximum sliding speed in this configuration is 11 m/s. The temperature of the bearing is measured to detect the occurrence of fatigue damage.