Representative Councils' City Rally

  Students in front of the main building Copyright: RWTH Aachen

The orientation week rally makes up the nucleus of the orientation week for new students. The orientation week coordination team, ESA team for short, and all student representative councils organize the popular tour through Aachen together.



New students do not only go through successfully supervised stations during the city rally. They also discover fellow citizens and explore the city of Aachen along the planned route. In this way, first-year students get to know the most important points of contact at RWTH Aachen as well as institutions and places of interest in Aachen.


Important Aspects of Planning the City Rally

  • Every representative council must name a person, who is primarily responsible for the rally.
  • Meanwhile, persons from the orientation week team serve as the cross-section of the university, city, and representative councils. The persons also establish a coordination point for the rally, to which all students can turn. Each group must provide the contact info for the council representation and the coordination point.
  • Tutors must wear subject-specific shirts: This makes it possible for others to differentiate between tutors and first-year students. Potential problems or riots can more quickly be addressed as a result.
  • Planned actions are reviewed for risk of abuse, that is discriminatory and alcohol indulging stations must be promptly closed. Climbing games are forbidden due to risk of injury.
  • City supervisors may not consume alcohol and must be easily recognizeable as supervisors.
  • Selected locations in the city and at the university should assist participants in getting to know the icty during the orientation week rally. Playgrounds, churches, schools, construction sites, and the marketplace are to be avoided.
  • Shopping carts may not be used. Strip games and other games resulting in nudity are strictly prohibited. Sound systems, vuvuzelas, and megaphones or similar devices may not be used.
  • The university sanitary facilities should be used during the rally.
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on university grounds.
  • Monuments of the city of Aachen should be treated with respect. Misuse may result in consequences.

Representative Council Mile

As special offer this year is the so called Representative Council Mile. The representative councils will offer various stations and games at a single location, where the groups can freely choose which station to attend. This allows contact to be made among the students between the various subject disciplines at the University during the first week.

Measures for Conducting the Rally and Avoiding Excessive Alcohol Consumption

In problematic cases the tutors serve as contacts for their group. They are marked as "Ersti-Team," so they are easily recognizable. In the past there were problems with excessive alcohol consumption during the city rally and misconduct by individuals. In order to remediate this, the following measures are implemented by all student representative councils:

  • Uniform t-shirts for the tutors so third parties can more easily recognize them
  • Name tags for the tutors so third parties can more easily recognize them
  • Statement of voluntary commitment on the part of the student representative councils and the tutors
  • Tutor training
  • Coordination center in the SuperC on the day of the rally
  • Close collaboration with campus security, public ordinance office, and police
  • Glass bottles are not permitted on RWTH premises and during the city rally