Selection Criteria

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Scholarships from the Education Fund are awarded every winter semester according to the Scholarship Program Act. Enrolled students and new students, who are distinguished by their academic or school achievements and demonstrate particular potential, are awarded scholarships. Applications are evaluated by subject in the individual faculties through a two step process.



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Who Can Apply

  • Individuals who have fulfilled the required admissions requirements and
  • are about to begin studies at RWTH Aachen or are already enrolled.

Further Criteria

  • A basic requirement is excellent academic performance.
  • Students completing a second degree, supplemental studies, or Master's degrees can be funded as well as first time Bachelor students.
  • The maximum duration of funding depends on the typical length of study for the respective course of study.

The Education Fund particularly wishes to strengthen the long term contact between recipients and donors. For this reason, the University aims to renew funding for reapplicants upon further excellent or improved achievements.


Scholarship Allocation

The awarded scholarships are allocated to the individual faculties based on the following stipulations:

  • Scholarships, that must be awarded to students from a certain faculty, group of courses of study, or subject as requested by the donor, are awarded by the corresponding faculty in a transparent process in accordance with the Scholarship Act.
  • Scholarships, that the university receives from donors without any stipulations, will be distributed among the faculties based on the number of students enrolled at the faculties. The faculties then award the scholarships in a transparent process in accordance with the Scholarship Act.

Selection Procedure

The faculties are responsible for the scholarship recipient selection. Selection takes place through committees made up of at least three people. It is possible that donors are included in the selection process. However, they fulfill a consulting role only and have no voting power.

Primary Criteria for Allocating Scholarships

  1. for first-year students
  • average grade of their university entrance qualification certificate and number of points attained on the Abitur
  • if applicable, the relevant individual grades for the selected subject
  1. enrolled students use the average grade of their academics until now including the last completed winter semester
  • Bachelor: Average grade and ECTS points attained
  • Master: Bachelor grade, average grade, and ECTS points attained in the Master's
  • Teacher Training and Medicine: Vordiplom grade, results of the Zwischenprüfung, and average grade of academics in main studies

Performance is calculated using a formula that weighs grades, ECTS points, and core semesters in a way that ensures a just selection.

Secondary Criteria

Social aspects may servce as secondary criteria for the faculties. This may include social involvement, the preparedness to assume responsibility, or particular social, family, or personal circumstances that result from the family or immigration background.

The faculties put together a suggestion list of individuals to fund from the entire pool of applicants. The scholarships are awarded to applicants according to their ranking on the list.

Selection Process
Online application period for students and prospective students May 30 to July 2, 2018
Selection of scholarship recipients from the faculties, or when applicable through sponsor consultation July to September
Notification of Award October
Scholarship Award Ceremony November 23, 2018