Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" (IoP)

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The Internet – in its meaning of a worldwide socio-technical network – has revolutionized accessibility of data and knowledge. This idea has been transferred to the physical world with the concept of the Internet of Things ( IoT ). A direct application of the IoT approach to production is currently not sufficiently feasible, as there are many more parameters, but much less available data compared to other big data application domains. Modern production is characterized by vast amounts of data. However, this data is neither easily accessible, interpretable, nor connected to gain knowledge.

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  Copyright: © Dr. Martin Riedel

Research Objectives

With the Internet of Production (IoP) we have the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration by providing semantically adequate and context-aware data from production, development and usage in real-time on an appropriate level of granularity. The Cluster of Excellence ( CoE ) will design and implement a conceptual reference infrastructure for the Internet of Production based on Digital Shadows as purpose-driven, aggregated, multi-perspective and persistent datasets.

The Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering (MSE) together with the project partners in the Cluster Research Domain (CRD) C.I researches the topic of agile product development and how engineering change requests can be implemented quickly. For this purpose, MSE uses the methods of model-based system engineering (MBSE). The focus is particularly on the aspects of sustainability assessment and how these can be carried out in early development phases with the help of MBSE.

Research and Project Partners

IAW, SE, TIM & WZL der RWTH Aachen University

Funded by

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) e.V.



Julius Berges

Group Lead Systems Modelling & Optimization


+49 241 80 90878