The research project „FunkDAF“ launched

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Additive manufacturing (AF) offers the opportunity to leave many limitations of conventional manufacturing processes behind. However, AF processes also bring new constraints and challenges for design, process preparation and production of functional component geometries. Components are created as growing solid bodies by successively adding material in a given build-up direction. The layer-by-layer manufacturing strategy imprints an anisotropic behavior on the component and severely limits the printability of complex geometries, since unfavorable force states and poorly printable effective surfaces generally cannot be avoided by design.

In our research project Functionally Determinated Additive Manufacturing (FunkDAF for short), we are pursuing the goal of harnessing the full potential of AF by establishing a continuous product development process consisting of design process, process preparation and manufacturing, and by further developing the Fused Layer Modeling (FLM) process into a multi-axial and layerless additive manufacturing process.

We are looking forward to collaborating with the Visual Computing Institute and the Institute of Transmission Technology, Machine Dynamics and Robotics at RWTH Aachen University.

Learn more about the project in the project description. Questions about the project and unsolicited applications for student projects are welcome from the project leader Marcel Winkler.