No Chrystal Ball Needed: Shaping one’s Own Career


Julia-Nele's Internship at the MSE

Pupil during her internship at the MSE Copyright: © MSE Julia-Nele Boschen during her internship at the MSE

Julia-Nele Boschen knows her way around natural sciences and has a clear picture of her professional future in mind. The pupil attending 11th grade at St. Ursula High School, Aachen, is clearly aware of what interests her most and considers her strengths when planning her future: "My favorite subjects include physics and my majors maths and chemistry. I prefer natural sciences as they explain everyday life and are logical.” Julia-Nele grew up in a household surrounded by bolts and wrenches assisting her father in his workshop at home, while her uncles - mechanical engineers – happily answer any questions on technology and mechanical engineering.

Last week, she completed her pupil’s internship at the Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering (MSE): "Natural sciences are tangible and offer the opportunity to work hands-on in many different areas. Right now, I am particularly interested in robotics". At the MSE, she put her clear ideas into practice, modeled and assembled a robot, and got involved in the workshop: "That was great! Since praxis is so important to me, I am grateful for my visit to the MSE Testcenter and the Center for Wind Power Drives; it was so exciting to see how theory is tested and applied, for example, to the field of wind power". Julia-Nele could easily identify with the hands-on approach of her temporary colleagues and the diverse everyday life at the institute: "Achim (Achim Kramer, Head of Off-Highway Drive Train Technology) and Christian (Christian Habermehl, research assistant) took me along to all different tasks, including lectures and exercises; I also liked the relaxed working atmosphere".
Julia-Nele is shaping the career the future holds in store for her: "Before my internship at the MSE, I couldn't decide whether to study mechanical engineering, architecture or electrical engineering. Now, I have made up my mind: First, I will train as an industrial mechanic before studying mechanical engineering.
First things first, though: Thank you for the great time! I learned so much and have specified my future plans.

The MSE says "very welcome" and a big thank you to all colleagues who rendered Julia-Nele's stay informative and future-inspiring.