Helko Mues Receives GfT Award for Bachelor Thesis

  Kugel/Scheibe-Tribometer mit Einsatz einer zweiten Kugel zur gezielten Verdrängung von Schmierstoff Copyright: © MSE Kugel/Scheibe-Tribometer m. Einsatz zweiter Kugel zur gezielten Verdrängung v. Schmierstoff

Friction and wear in rolling bearings are primarily affected by the lubricant used and the resulting lubricant film formation. Approximately 90 % of all rolling bearings are grease-lubricated, while the physical mechanisms of grease lubrication have not been clarified yet. Displacement and poor replenishment of grease can lead to an insufficient lubrication of the tribological contacts, especially at high rotational speeds. Currently, this effect - known as “starvation” - cannot be predicted, which leads to uncertainties when designing grease lubricated bearings. Starvation occurs depending on the rotational speed due to high over-rolling frequencies of the rolling elements.

In his bachelor thesis, Helko Mues tackled the challenge of determining the effect of over-rolling frequency on the film formation in grease lubricated rolling contacts. Helko Mues proved himself by performing outstanding and creative work through enhancing the test rig and deriving a reliable measurement method. Since the topic of clarifying lubrication mechanisms of greases is currently discussed industry-wide, the results of his thesis convinced the jury at the Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. (German Association of Tribology).

  Helko Mues receives GfT award Copyright: © GfT

We proudly congratulate Helko Mues on his award and wish him success and fun for his master thesis, which focuses on “Automotive Engineering and Transport”. Moreover, we would like to thank him for his commitment as a student research assistant at the MSE.