Update on Student Advisory Service

  Site plan Sammelbau Eilfschornsteinstr. 18 Copyright: © iMSE  

Please note that the iMSE follows the recommendations shared by RWTH Aachen University in order to support the attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus by offering existing services – such as the Student Advisory Service – solely by phone and online. Student advisor Kathrin Spütz is available during the usual office hours and will attend to your questions by phone – and of course by mail, too.
As usual, please submit documentation sheets and applications by posting them in the iMSE mailbox. As the Student Advisory Service has been moved to room 214 at the “Sammelbau Maschinenwesen”, Eilfschornsteinstraße 18 (52062 Aachen), the mailbox can be found in the building’s foyer (cf. illustration).

No cases have been registered at the iMSE. Thank you for your understanding.