Diesel-Hybrid Vehicles for Environmentally Conscious Mobility: An Interconnected System Development in a Physical and Virtual Environment

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Diesel hybrid drives offer great potential for reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Nevertheless, their market launch is progressing only slowly due to the already high development costs of conventional diesel-engine drives. Hybridization leads to a greater variety of variants and additional development effort. While the design, detailing and production and component test phases have already been parallelized, the development process of hybrid drives has so far been separated from overall system testing, since all components must be physically available.


Research objectives

In the project, scalable, virtual models of powertrain components in any combination are coupled with physical powertrain components in real time. As a result, the overall system testing will start earlier and will be parallelized with the previously separate, preceding development phases. This avoids iterations in the development process and enables a more cost-effective introduction of optimized powertrain technologies.

  • Real-time capable modeling of powertrain components
  • Optimization of the hybrid drive train
  • Development and optimization of the operating strategy
  • Testing in the physical-virtual overall system
  • Validation of the development methodology


Research and project partners

  • Institute for Combustion Engines, VKA
  • Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, ISEA
  • Institute for Automotive Engineering, ika
  • Institute of Electrical Machines, IEM
  • Institute of Automatic Control, irt
  • dSPACE GmbH
  • Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
  • Denso Automotive GmbH
  • Batterieingenieure GmbH

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