New publication on free-moving and diffusible hydrogen associated with white etching crack (WEC) formation

  Overview of the experimental procedure Copyright: © MSE

The bearing technology BU of the MSE deals, among other things, with the clarification of damage mechanisms in rolling bearings. Currently, the research focus on the formation of white etchable microstructural changes, in particular white etching cracks (WEC), is of great interest. A new paper has been published on this research focus under the title "Post-testing measurement of freely movable and diffusible hydrogen in context of WEC formation at cylindrical roller thrust bearings from 100Cr6" by Prof. Georg Jacobs, Martin Linzmayer, Francisco Gutiérrez Guzmán and Christopher Sous (MSE) and Gregor Manke and Michael Pohl (Ruhr-University Bochum). The research article is available as open access on Springer Link.