Fast joining and repairing of sandwich materials with detachable mechanical connection technology

Feldhusen, Jörg; Krishnamoorthy, Sivakumara K. (Corresponding author)

Aachen] : [Hochschulbibliothek der RWTH Aachen University] (2008)
Contribution to a conference proceedings

In: 13th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM 13), 2.-5. Juni 2008, Stockholm, Schweden


This paper presents design principles, tools, methods and experiments for joining sandwich materials. The connection technique presented here requires neither adhesive nor inserts for joining different components and enables fast joining and repairing since standard screw elements are used for connection. The novelty of the solution approach presented in this paper lies in its universal applicability for connecting different materials in a T-, L- and V-joint joint connections without major changes in the calculation procedure. A new simplified conservative-failure criterion for sandwich material is proposed which can be used as a basis for FEM calculations at connection interfaces. For that, only 2 experimental set ups are required to obtained necessary material data. Tools and methods of avoiding strength and stiffness discontinuities are also discussed.


  • Chair of Engineering Design [411610]