Power-split Transmission Synthesis


Systematic development of efficient power-split transmission systems for municipal vehicles

  Efficient power-split transmission with cone–ring variation unit Copyright: © MSE


One of the primary objectives of European environmental policy is the reduction of pollutant emissions to minimize associated health impairments and environmental damage. One central lever for reducing these emissions is the holistic optimization of drive systems for mobile work machines. The use of efficient, power-split transmission technologies offers considerable potential for lessening fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions.

Research objectives

An integral part of this research project was the development of a universally applicable method for synthesis of efficient, power-split transmission structures. This would enable the effective and efficient development of application-specific, optimal transmission systems.

  • Development of a system for the synthesis of energy-efficient, power-split transmission structures
  • Programming a software tool for automated computation and optimization of power-split transmissions
  • Prototypical implementation of an efficient power-split transmission with mechanical cone ring variation unit
  • Substantiation of the efficiency increase compared to the established drive systems for mobile work machines

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