PTFE lubrication in highly loaded rolling contacts


Investigation of the lubricating effect of PTFE transfer films on highly loaded rolling contacts

  PTFE lubrication in highly loaded rolling contacts Copyright: © MSE


Oil and grease lubrication of rolling contacts fails under extreme operating conditions, such as in a vacuum and at very high or low temperatures. As an alternative, solid lubricants such as the polymer polytetrafluoroethylene can be used. For this purpose, PTFE is provided by wear in a sliding contact and transported as a transfer film into the rolling contact.

Research objectives:

  • Clarification of the PTFE transfer mechanisms from the point of supply into the rolling contact using simulative and experimental investigations
  • Analysis of the lubrication effect of PTFE in highly loaded rolling contacts, especially with regard to the necessary PTFE quantity and the PTFE consumption in the contact
  • Validation of the transfer process using in situ analysis in a tribometer

Research and project partners:

Funded by:

The German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of priority programm 2074 „ Fluidless lubrication systems with high mechanical load “