Bio-based, polymer thickener systems to produce lubricants for high temperature und Fill-For-Life applications

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Considering shortage of fossil raw materials and the associated increase in the cost of products based on fossil raw materials, the industry is increasingly focusing on products made from renewable raw materials and the necessary adapted manufacturing processes. A significant proportion of fossil raw materials is used in the lubricant industry. This industry develops and produces lubricating oils and greases for the lubrication of machine elements such as rolling bearings. Lubricants are essential to reduce friction and thus energy consumption on the one hand, and to prevent premature failure of machine elements due to wear on the other. Most lubricants available on the market today are still produced petrochemically, i.e. on the basis of fossil raw materials. In most cases, bio-based lubricants are ester-based lubricating oils that are at least partially produced from renewable raw materials.

Research objectives

  • Development of bio-based greases, in which both thickener and base oil are bio-based
  • Development of bio-based polyurea, polyester and polyamide thickeners to be used as thickener in bio-based greases
  • Rheology examinations on proposed bio-based greases
  • Clarify tribological behavior of developed greases and qualification regarding their performance in high temperature and fill for-life rolling bearing applications
  • Introduce bio-based greases which are comparable with petrochemical reference grease regarding tribological characteristics as a new market product

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