IME & ikt merge into MSE


RWTH Aachen University decided to merge the Institute for Machine Elements and Machine Design, IME for short, and the Institute for General Engineering Design Technology, IKT for short
into the

Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering

at the start of the year. RWTH Aachen has therefore created outstanding conditions for research into
model-based systems development methods in addition to the traditional IME and IKT research priorities
in a more focused manner for the future. Management of the institute will be undertaken by Professor
Georg Jacobs.

The Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering will explore the fundamental structural
and tribological behavior of machine elements and depict them in experimentally validated model descriptions. These model descriptions will be used to analyze and design the functional, loss, and noise behaviors of entire technical systems with a focus on the drive technology for wind turbines and mobile work machines. The results will be computational and constructive concepts for specific technical solutions, including providing evidence of the required system properties on large test beds. Considerable experience with such model-based solution development culminating in the conception of configurable products will enable the institute to research and develop model-based systems engineering as a central element of future industrial product creation processes.