New publication on the subject: Solid Lubrication of Rolling Point Contacts using PTFE

  PTFE-Lubrication Copyright: © MSE

What are the mechanisms behind low friction in PTFE-lubricated rolling contacts? In their article “A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Investigation of PTFE Double Transfer Film Formation and Lubrication in Rolling Point Contacts” Stephan von Goeldel, Thomas Reichenbach, Florian König, Leonhard Mayrhofer, Gianpietro Moras , Georg Jacobs and Michael Moseler used an approach that combines in situ friction and white light interference measurements (@MSE) with molecular dynamics simulations (@µTC, @IWM).

Hopefully, this work and follow-up studies will pave the way for an improvement of the reliability of PTFE-lubricated, rolling-element bearings.

The article has been published recently in Tribology Letters: