3rd Project Meeting WT Bearing Center.NRW


3rd Project Meeting

As part of project «WEA-Lagerzentrum.NRW” (WT-Bearing Center.NRW) scientists from the Center of Wind Power Drives (CWD) at RWTH Aachen University research jointly with plant, gear and bearing manufacturers form the wind energy plant branch new tests for the qualification of bearings for wind power facilities (WEA). The project is sponsored by the European Union and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Two novel and globally unique prototype test benches are being installed which aim at analyzing real-size WEA transmission bearings; moreover new testing procedures for bearing release are being developed while their efficiency is proven.

The project meeting focused on setting up the test benches and the current state of development regarding the testing procedures while special emphasis was put on an innovative WEC test for WEA transmission bearings. This test analyzes roller bearings on a component level while taking into consideration system influences; it serves the purpose of determining the permanence of real-size WEA roller bearings compared to roller bearing damages linked to White Etching Cracks.