10th CWD Workshop


Cross Industry Innovation, Digital Photonic Production & more


The latest CWD workshop has been described as an “interdisciplinary, creative and goal-orientated“ professional exchange by participants, while Dr. Dennis Bosse, managing director at the CWD, stresses the meeting’s goal: „I am happy to see that our aim to link research activities with industrial needs was once more met with a keen interest to realize new ideas.“


This week’s workshop focused on the following topics:

  • Cross Industry Innovation

  • Digital Photonic Production – Perspectives on Tomorrow's World of Individualized & Smart Industrial Products

  • Field experiences with electrostatic and electrodynamic charge of bearings with electricity

  Professors in discussion Copyright: © MSE Prof. Schleifenbaum (Aachener Center for Additive Manufacturing) and Prof. Jacobs (CWD) discuss Digital Photonic Production
  Workshop host in conversation with participants Copyright: © MSE Dr. Bosse (CWD) in conversation with industry and academia

„On behalf of the entire CWD team, I would like to thank the workshop participants for the outstanding cooperation and am looking forward to put the new projects into action,” Bosse wraps up the final CWD workshop in 2018.


The next workshop will take place on May 21st and 22nd 2019.