Identification of Drivetrain Damages in Underground Wheel Loaders


ProMaschinenDaten: 4th Project Meeting


Mobile machinery is part of a logistical chain. One machine’s failure immediately causes the standstill of others. Hence, the machines’ reliability and availability have a decisive impact on the planning reliability of construction and extraction processes. At the fourth “ProMaschinenDaten” project meeting scientists and industrial representatives discussed the results achieved so far and presented possibilities for the identification of damages occurring in drivetrains of underground wheel loaders, based on trials conducted on the institute’s 1 MW test bench.

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The following project phase will comprise measurements on vehicles aimed at analyzing if test bench results may be transferred to real operation. “Compared to test bench analyses so far, additional excitations occur during real operation – for instance due to the wheel-ground-contact – which superimpose the actual damage signals. Still, an onboard diagnosis system must be able to detect these excitations reliably. The latter makes complex analysis and evaluation methods necessary which are to be studied in the course of the project,” Achim Kramer, head of the research department Off-Highway at the MSE, explains the project’s future challenges and aims.


This project is sponsored by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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